An Interview Is Like a First Date

One of my best friends is job hunting right now, and I do not envy her at all. Not only does filling out all the applications suck, but interviews make me horribly anxious. There’s so much pressure: dress to impress, make sure you have everything, don’t carry too many bags, don’t say anything stupid, be on time. It’s awful.

It’s like a first date. My stomach gets all tense until I think I’m going to be sick. I overanalyze everything. Am I too dressed up? Is this too sexy? Is it too unattractive? How’s my makeup? Am I too early? Am I late?

Whichever the event is, I get all wound up from question after question blasting through my head until I’m tense and on the verge of an anxiety attack. And if by some chance it goes well (AKA I don’t panic and blow it), I end up sitting by the phone, waiting to hear back. I don’t care if it’s for an interview or a new boyfriend (maybe, if he decides to call) – waiting by the phone to wait for important news is awful!