Bizarre Historical Images

A lot of these bizarre historical images are pretty disturbing. The one that most intrigues me is the baby cage out the window – I kind of want one for myself. The metal that makes it look disturbing actually probably makes it very safe and sturdy. I’m sure with modern technology we could make it look less frightening (and have no sharp edges).

Actually, isn’t it the same as the cat ones that have been going around?



I’m So Excited! We’re Living in a Science Fiction Movie!

Have any of you seen these videos on prosthetic hands? They’ve figured out how to make them move on their own (in specific, set patterns) based off of muscle movement in the arm like the bebionic.

Others adjust by app, too – like the iLimb.

Now that they have the technology for the joints and working grip figured out, they’re starting to figure out how to get sensation through the prosthetic and make the prosthetic respond to the mind alone (here’s a CBS article). Isn’t that amazing?