Beyond Comfort Food

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I’ve been trying not to give in to the urge to eat comfort food. I guess comfort food varies from person to person, but mine tends to be noodles (and other starches) and sweets (especially chocolate). So the high calorie stuff that’s going to help me gain weight and inevitably feel worse about myself.

Part of why I want to eat it is because it makes me think of good times with family or my childhood. Plus, it tastes really good. So it gives comfort and pleasure.

This week, I realized that I have some other comfort things. Like comfort jewelry. Some pieces I really like that I also have emotional attachment to – like if someone special gave them to me. I didn’t really notice that it was comfort jewelry until last week when I saw that I was wearing the same pieces over and over again and actually thought about why.

That made me think of other possibilities. Like comfort clothing. Stuff that’s really comfortable but also flattering or that I’m really fond of. Stuff that makes me feel warm and safe (almost like a hug). I have comfort scents, too. Some smells automatically raise my mood – smells that remind me of home and my childhood or certain holidays or events.

I wonder if comfort food is like security blankets and favorite stuffed animals when you’re a kid. We think we lose those needs, but do we really?

I think I’m going to try to find as many of these comfort things as possible. Then, when I’m feeling down and craving comfort food, I can surround myself with other comfort options that are healthier.

What about you? Do you have any things like that?


Homer Simpson: Peas, Peace, & Knives

Here he is, reaching for the peas...
Here he is, reaching for the peas.


I had peas with dinner, and now this conversation keeps running through my head. Every time I see this or think of this I wonder – who eats peas with a knife? Is it even possible to eat peas with a knife? I can’t imagine the skill required. And the saddest part is that I’ve seen this in other shows or movies (they may have all been cartoons), but where did this idea come from?

Or perhaps the saddest part is that with all the big ideas wittily sewn into the conversation, I’m focused on the peas.

Why Would This Make Me Want to Buy It?

Sorry to make you look at it, but wtf?
Sorry to make you look at it, but wtf?

Does anyone else find Skinny Cow’s advertisements disturbing? I mean, first of all, it’s in the “paint me like one of your French girls” pose, and it’s wearing lipstick. They’re obviously trying to make a cow look sexy. Let me say that again. They’re trying to make a cow look sexy! Are they advertising directly to the furry fandom? Because outside of that community and Greek myths, cows themselves are not supposed to be sexy to people. That’s illegal.

Secondly, cows aren’t supposed to be skinny. A skinny cow is a sick cow. Possibly a dead cow. If you really want healthy milk or milk products, you wouldn’t want it to come from a skinny cow. That’s a good way to get sick, not a good way to lose weight.

Last but not least, have they ever actually seen a cow? A cow’s knees don’t work like that! They don’t bend the same direction as people’s arms and legs. So they didn’t really draw a cow. They drew a woman’s body, colored it black and white, and added a cow head. Creepiness aside, that makes me think they’ve never seen a cow before. Why would I want to buy milk from someone who’s never seen a cow before?

That’s disturbing. I keep seeing their ads and trucks everywhere, and it’s always disturbing. Why did they think that was the way to make people buy their stuff?