Fight the Advertising!

I found this great video about spring fashion on college humor, and I have to share. They totally captured how advertising tries to suck you in by making you imagine how much more fun/awesome/exciting/classy/sexy your life will be if you buy this outfit.

different outfits spring fashion collegehumor video
Who do you want to be?

I’ve got to admit. The idea of trying out all those different lifestyles is kind of awesome. And terrifying (I have issues). Yeah, clothes don’t actually shape your life choices, but they definitely influence how you feel and how people react to you. The trick is to go with what you want rather than what they want you to want.

Fight the advertisers! Be yourself!


Disturbed But Laughing

Oddly enough, these tattoos are actually making me feel better about myself.

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo but are skeptical as everyone you know keeps giving you the “you’ll regret that when you’re older” lecture? But you insist your idea is special, unique to you and you will never regret it? Well we have a list of 10 people who probably thought the same before they got their ink. We are pretty sure they now regret getting the tattoo done in the first place.

Then again, we are sure you’ll still get that tattoo anyway. Just make sure you let us know for a future tattoo fail top ten list.

Introducing top ten of the worst instantly regrettable tattoos we have come across.











The Fat Pants Phenomenon

The term fat pants gets thrown around pretty often. “Those are my fat pants.” Sometimes when women say it, they mean their sweats or what they wear on their periods when they’re bloated (and their regular pants are a bit too tight). Otherwise, they’re the pants leftover from before you lost weight. Like you go down a pant-size, and you keep at least one pair of your old pants. “In case.”

Mainly, in case you gain a little weight and need something to wear until you get it off. You don’t want to have to buy new pants for a temporary weight problem. That’s expensive. So you hang onto these pants. In case.

I have a fat bra. I’m sure I’m not the only one. If pants are expensive, bras are ridiculously expensive. I’m not spending that again. Guys, if you’re unaware, both cup size and circumference can change with weight gain. That means if you gain a little “temporary weight,” your regular bra can be tight or uncomfortable. I know one girl who gains weight in her boobs first before gaining it anywhere else (I kind of want to smack her when she complains).

The only problem with having 1 fat bra is that you have to wear the same one every day, and you can’t really dress up your underclothes without buying something new. I guess that’s good motivation to get back down to your regular size. When you have 1 pair of fat pants and 1 fat bra that you fit in, it’s definitely time to do something – whether it’s buy new clothes or take a closer look at your lifestyle.

Different But Not

Mmmmmm. Eye candy.
Mmmmmm. Eye candy. You’re welcome.

Are men’s and women’s butts really that different? Looking at the problem (yes, I told you to look at it), the actual butt doesn’t look that different. They’re the same basic shape, and if both are toned and waxed, I bet I could crop a picture to show only the butt, and people wouldn’t be able to tell which was which.

But here’s the thing. I’m attracted to men. When I see a guy from behind and think he has a cute butt, I’ll probably get a little turned on (at least). If I see a girl from behind who has a cute butt, I don’t. I might be jealous that her butt is cuter than mine. I might make note of her jeans to see if I can find a pair like it (and hope they’re as flattering on me). But I don’t get turned on.

But we just agreed that butts look more or less the same regardless of the gender. So is it knowing that the butt belongs to a guy what makes the difference?

The worst part about this question is that every time I see a guy with a cute butt, I’m going to be thinking of this problem instead of enjoying his hotness. Give me a break, brain. You don’t have to ruin everything!

As an Anti-depressant, Addictions Have Some Serious Downsides

I’m starting to understand why people with mental/emotional issues get addicted to things. When you’re in the grip of whatever problem you have, all you want is for that feeling to stop. And if you find something that makes the feeling stop, you want to do that every time you have that feeling.

I buy things. Yes, when it’s compulsive and hard to control, shopping is an addiction. Call me a victim of our country’s consumer mentality, but buying things makes me feel better. It’s exciting. It’s fun. I get cool new stuff that makes me happy – the commercials tell me that having stuff will make me happy, so it must be true, right?

Yeah, no. I guess I should have said that it used to make me happy. You see, it doesn’t work anymore. Maybe it would if I had an unlimited budget. Or if I didn’t loathe myself so much that going to a clothing store turns into an episode of How Awful Do I Look Now – then it might work. Now, I might get a quick surge of excitement at the store if I’m buying movies or something. But it’s followed by guilt and worry about the money spent. Plus, anything related to looks is out.

That’s the problem with addictions. They work based on that high, but the high gets lower and lower the more you do it.

On the plus side, saving money is easier. On the down side, I have one less thing that makes me happy. I guess the biggest lesson to learn from this is that the addiction is a short-term fix. It may push aside that awful feeling, but it doesn’t last forever. And when it does wear off, it comes with new issues that aren’t easy to deal with.

Go Bald Or Cover It?

Note: This article is aimed at women going through chemotherapy, but most of it’s applicable for anyone going bald, male or female, regardless of the reason.

If you go through chemotherapy, chances are you will lose your hair. Some people have a hard time with this because you do look very different bald than you do with your hair. It’s not a you that you’re used to, and it can be frustrating and upsetting. But it’s not a side effect you can change during treatment.

One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to find a look that you’re comfortable with. One that you can go out in public in without feeling self-conscious and without feeling like it’s not you. I’m going to list all the types of head coverings I’m familiar with and give you some information to help you decide which one is right for you.


If styling hair is part of what makes you feel like you, if you want to feel as “normal” as possible, or if you want to hide your illness, then you may want a wig (and if you tell your doctor you may be able to get a prescription).

There are two basic types of wigs: human hair and synthetic.

This is probably synthetic.  You could get a similar style with an expensive wig or a cosplay wig.
This is probably synthetic. You could get a similar style with an expensive wig or a cosplay wig.

There’s an instinctive feeling that human hair wigs must be better. They must look more real and be easier to use. Well, that’s not necessarily true. Yes, you may be able to get a color closer to your natural hair (especially for gingers), but like normal hair, a human hair wig will need to be styled every time you wear it. The style may get flat as the day goes (like regular hair). If you really like styling hair and being able to style your hair makes you feel more normal, then you may want a wig with human hair.

If you’re happy with having a set style that you only have to put on or brush, you probably want a synthetic wig. I’m going to talk about wig store options first. They will have a variety of styles on display, and, like shoes, each style may be available in different colors. You can sit and try them on until you find one you like.

I recommend trying any style you see and like, but the styles with a hand-stitched top tend to look most real. They can be thinner than machine-stitched, and the hairs are attached to a transparent fabric. Seeing the scalp through the hair makes it look less like a wig. Some people like to get their wigs before their hair falls out to match their real color better. Others wait until they are bald. If you want continuity at work or in public, get one and start wearing it before your hair gets too thin so that the difference isn’t jarring.

If you can’t afford a wig from a wig store, you can get one from a costume store or from online (they can look real if you know the secret). If you can order online, look for cosplay wigs. They are usually better than those at costumes stores.

I’ll be honest – both will probably look awful when you try them on out of the box. The cut will look all wrong with your face, and there will be extra hair in weird places. The secret to fixing that is to take it to your hair salon. Put it on and have the stylist cut it in a style you like that is flattering (fancy wig stores will also style or cut the wig for you after you buy it if you want). With a cosplay wig in a natural color, you can get a nice synthetic wig for a fraction of the cost, including the price of the cut.

Warning: Never use a hot iron or chemicals on a synthetic wig! You can melt or otherwise damage it!


She looks sassy and feminine, and the same style hat in a different fabric could work for summer.
She looks sassy and feminine, and the same style hat in a different fabric could work for summer.

Some people find wigs uncomfortable or itchy. If the skin on your head is sensitive, you may prefer a soft hat. A crocheted or knitted cap can be very comfortable, and they come in a variety of styles and colors. They’re also good for keeping your head warm around the house (turbans, too).

If your head isn’t sensitive, you may find that regular hats are the look for you. Wide brims, chic caps, or sassy fedoras – there are tons of different kinds of hats. Some will work better with a bald head than others. If you find a style that you really like that needs a little hair coming out of it, you can even buy partial wigs to fix that. Any of the wig magazines sell them (Paula Young,  Especially Yours, etc).


This is more of a head scarf style. It's hip, fun, and flirty.
This is more of a head scarf style. It’s hip, fun, and flirty.

If it’s summer, you may find it too hot for comfortable hats, or you may simply prefer the style of a headscarf, bandana, or turban. They are made of very soft cloth, which makes them very comfy. Since they’re mostly cloth squares or tubes, they’re usually cheaper with options available at most malls or box stores. You can get several to try and see if the style suits you. Like hats, these may also be donated to the hospital for patients who need them.

If you’re not sure how to wear one or tie one, there are plenty of youtube videos with instructions for different styles (here are some specifically for cancer patients). There are way too many options to go into detail here, but here are some images to give you a feel for the style.

No Cover

Some makeup and jewelry, and a bald head is absolutely feminine! You can see she left a little fuzz. You may prefer a close shave. It's up to you.
Some makeup and jewelry, and a bald head is absolutely feminine! You can see she left a little fuzz. You may prefer a close shave. It’s up to you.

The biggest problem most women have with baldness is that they think it’s masculine. The secret to feeling feminine with a bald head is accessories. You may find that earrings, eye shadow, and a fitted shirt make being bald plenty feminine. In fact, it can really emphasize your eyes and be very flattering. You may even decide to do something fun like get henna or an airbrush tattoo on it (neither is permanent).

It really doesn’t matter which one you choose so long as you feel comfortable going out in public. You may want to have multiple options – one for each occasion. Once you find new ways to feel pretty and look like yourself, you’ll feel much better about losing your hair.

Awesome Pinup Clothing Possibilities Pose a Pin Money Problem

I just found this site for retro fashion (Pinup Girl Clothing), and I think I am in serious trouble. They have some of my favorite fashion styles in awesome colors, and they’re not as completely outrageously priced as many retro websites are – I mean, they’re about the same cost as a blouse or dress from Kohl’s or Macy’s (less sometimes).

But unlike the generic mall clothing, they’re retro! I want to buy all of them! I can practically feel my credit score dropping. I have to keep repeating to myself. I do not need new clothes. I do not need new clothes. I do not need new clothes.

Uh-oh. They have a sale section. I am doooomed.