An Extra Rude Way to Steal

extra rude way to steal
And who steals salad?

I saw this at the grocery store today. In case the picture isn’t clear enough, here’s what someone did. They filled up a container with food from the salad bar, walked through the store until they found a quiet spot, ate most of it, put down the mostly empty container, and left. I don’t know if they got full, didn’t like something they chose, or were on the verge of being found out (why else leave some of the food?), but this is so rude.

Stealing from people is bad enough. You’re taking money away from them. You’re hurting their business and their ability to provide for their families (if a store loses too much, it’s going to close). You might even be hurting employees – whoever’s responsibility it is to keep stealing from happening.

And on top of all of that, you’re going to make them clean up after you? Seriously? That’s no way to treat people.


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