Happiness is… — scatteredimpressions

So many quotes about happiness are totally useless when it comes to dealing with problems. Or even harmful (“happiness is a choice” AKA “your depression is your own fault, so decide not to be depressed anymore.”).

Now this, on the other hand, this is an idea about happiness that’s worth sharing.

via Happiness is… — scatteredimpressions

After all, part of the problem with some common varieties of unhappiness/depression is the idea that in order to be happy, we have to solve every problem in our life. That our lives have to be perfect. And that kind of mentality is half (or more) of what causes us to be unhappy in the first place. How can you allow yourself to be happy if you think that you’re failing at the things that are supposed to make you happy?

And if you think translating that sentence is hard, try untangling the strange twists and turns of your own psyche. It’s a pretty close match.

What makes this quote even better is the word ability. It’s not a talent. It’s not something you have to be born with. It’s something you can learn. That doesn’t make it easy. That doesn’t make it an on/off switch (like a decision or a choice). What it does is make being happy seem more possible. And that makes learning to deal with problems more worthwhile.

And, yeah, that’s a lot to read into 14 words. I’m probably thinking too much about it. As usual. But, hey, it’s still a good quote. And if it helps any of you, that makes it an even better quote.


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