I Don’t Like Chick Flicks Because I Don’t Want To Believe People Are That Dumb


Ok. Let’s be specific. I don’t like most chick flicks. Most so-called “romantic comedies.” For most of them, the ending’s the best part of the movie – who doesn’t like a happy ending? Otherwise, they’re really badly written, and they make the main characters act like total idiots. Unbelievably so.

Are you telling me that a woman can’t have a happy ending or fall in love without acting like a complete moron? Are you serious? I know plenty of people who fell in love, married, and live happily (as much as is possible in reality) without making total idiots of themselves and completely ruining their lives first. Those movies totally perpetuate the idea that women are completely emotion-driven and illogical.

I get that strong emotions can make people act irrationally. Boy, do I get that. But does that have to be the major conflict of every single bloody chick flick? Could there be some actual conflicts like job issues or bad health? Could the conflict between the couple be caused by realistic stuff rather than over-the-top behavior?

Because it’s not just the women acting like jerks and idiots. The men in them are just as bad. It’s like anything with the word “comedy” in it must now be synonymous with “people doing stupid shit.”

They’re not all like that. The movies, not the men. Some of them have decent plots and characters with some depth. Characters who have entertainment value beyond doing stupid things and freaking out about the results. Lines that are actually well-written and witty.

I can’t think of any right now, but I’m sure there are a few.

Am I alone in this? The only person who isn’t entertained by watching people make absolute fools of themselves? The only person who likes well-written, well-acted movies? Or semi-realistic love stories?

Never mind. I just remembered how popular reality tv is. I withdraw the question. I’m gonna go sit in a corner and cry for humanity.


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