Billing Update

There’s good news maybe. I had called hospital billing again to try to figure everything out, and they said that they might be able to get the bills back from collection and put me on a payment plan. It’s still painful and frustrating because I was more than willing to do that in the first place if they’d told me what was needed (you know, when I asked). They said to call back in two days and find out if they could get them back or not.

I talked to them today, and they said that they would definitely get all the bills back and on the payment plan. I wish I could say I felt relief but after having had so many people tell me different things, I’m not sure I believe them. I can see me calling back in a week and finding out it wasn’t true.

I hope I’m wrong and it is true. If it is, it will be a huge relief. I don’t know whether it will still ding my credit, but I have to figure that it will be less damage than if they left it in collections. If it’s not true, I see more frustrating and stressful phone calls in my future.


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