Why Does She Have To Be So Annoying?

I’m having this problem with someone lately. I’m trying not to – I’m not really succeeding, but I’m trying. Some days more than others. And it’s not hate so much as annoyance. I’m annoyed with them, so any time something goes wrong I want to blame them for it. This problem comes up or that’s done wrong. It must be her fault. Idiot. Jerk.

It’s not always her fault (ok, sometimes it is), but I want to blame her for it because I don’t like her. It took me a while to realize that was the reason (annoyance causing general dislike causing blaming). But how do I stop it? It’s not like I’ve ever said it’s her fault, I only think it. So it’s not stopping me from saying anything, and I still think it even though I know why.

So what good does knowing do me?


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