The Sleep Hangover

Some friends and I went out last night. It was a small group of people that I actually don’t stress out about being around (those rare, awesome people), and we stayed up way too late. I can do midnight or 1, but we went way beyond that. I barely got an hour of sleep, and I feel like I’m hungover. I’m queasy, my head’s stuff with cotton, and my eyes are threatening to pop out. It really feels like I’m hungover.

I’m not. We actually didn’t end up drinking much, not even enough to get buzzed (there’s 3 in the group who don’t drink). So it’s really not fair. If I’m going to be hungover, I want to at least get the buzz and sloppy drunk experience first.

To make it worse, I don’t need to be awake right now. My body decided to wake up, and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I haven’t been able to all day. I only hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight. This sucks.


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