Traffic Lights Aren’t Stop Signs

On my drive home from work, there is an intersection where I almost always get stopped at the light. The left turn lane can only turn on the arrow, so even when the straight traffic can go through, I have to wait for the light to turn red, the other road to go, and our light to finally turn green again before I get the arrow.

Last night as I was coming home, I got stopped at this light, as usual. It was rainy and getting dark, but there are a lot of streetlights there – it wasn’t difficult to see or anything. Well, when I got the green light and started to drive forward, I noticed that two pairs of headlights were heading towards me. I expect one pair (or one row) because opposite left turns go at the same time. Instead, there were two side-by-side. One of the cars on the opposite side of the intersection was going straight through.

It scared the crap out of me! If I hadn’t seen them and realized what was happening in time, they would have hit me as I turned. I braked and managed to stop. Luckily, I didn’t hydroplane in the rain. I honked, too, but they kept coming like nothing was wrong.

What the hell? I expected people to go through red lights when they’re headed through and the light changes to red. It’s still dangerous, but I understand it, especially in the city. Why would you stop at a red light, wait for a few minutes, and decide to go through when the light hasn’t changed yet? That makes no sense!


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