The Fat Pants Phenomenon

The term fat pants gets thrown around pretty often. “Those are my fat pants.” Sometimes when women say it, they mean their sweats or what they wear on their periods when they’re bloated (and their regular pants are a bit too tight). Otherwise, they’re the pants leftover from before you lost weight. Like you go down a pant-size, and you keep at least one pair of your old pants. “In case.”

Mainly, in case you gain a little weight and need something to wear until you get it off. You don’t want to have to buy new pants for a temporary weight problem. That’s expensive. So you hang onto these pants. In case.

I have a fat bra. I’m sure I’m not the only one. If pants are expensive, bras are ridiculously expensive. I’m not spending that again. Guys, if you’re unaware, both cup size and circumference can change with weight gain. That means if you gain a little “temporary weight,” your regular bra can be tight or uncomfortable. I know one girl who gains weight in her boobs first before gaining it anywhere else (I kind of want to smack her when she complains).

The only problem with having 1 fat bra is that you have to wear the same one every day, and you can’t really dress up your underclothes without buying something new. I guess that’s good motivation to get back down to your regular size. When you have 1 pair of fat pants and 1 fat bra that you fit in, it’s definitely time to do something – whether it’s buy new clothes or take a closer look at your lifestyle.


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