Different But Not

Mmmmmm. Eye candy.
Mmmmmm. Eye candy. You’re welcome.

Are men’s and women’s butts really that different? Looking at the problem (yes, I told you to look at it), the actual butt doesn’t look that different. They’re the same basic shape, and if both are toned and waxed, I bet I could crop a picture to show only the butt, and people wouldn’t be able to tell which was which.

But here’s the thing. I’m attracted to men. When I see a guy from behind and think he has a cute butt, I’ll probably get a little turned on (at least). If I see a girl from behind who has a cute butt, I don’t. I might be jealous that her butt is cuter than mine. I might make note of her jeans to see if I can find a pair like it (and hope they’re as flattering on me). But I don’t get turned on.

But we just agreed that butts look more or less the same regardless of the gender. So is it knowing that the butt belongs to a guy what makes the difference?

The worst part about this question is that every time I see a guy with a cute butt, I’m going to be thinking of this problem instead of enjoying his hotness. Give me a break, brain. You don’t have to ruin everything!


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