A Slippery Situation

Do you ever accidentally get way too much conditioner? Like the bottle was upside down, or you accidentally squeeze too hard, and suddenly you have a handful of conditioner?

I have actually tried to put it back in the bottle before. Laugh all you want, but that stuff costs money! Especially if you get the good stuff. Using way more than I need is not only wasteful, it’s money down the drain (literally).

The only problem with trying to put it back is that, at that point, you only have one hand free. To actually get a good amount back into the bottle, you have to be able to remove the top. So what do you do? If you’ve ever tried holding the bottle with your knees to remove the lid with your free hand (all the while trying not to spill conditioner out of your other hand), then you know it doesn’t work very well. And thank goodness no one saw you try because it has to look ridiculous.

If you can’t get the lid off (and some of them don’t come off), then you’re only real option is to tip the conditioner back up and make sure that the rest of it is at the bottom of the bottle. Then, squeeze the air out without squeezing any more conditioner out. The bottle might suck some of the conditioner back in when you release the pressure.

Unfortunately, there’s a 50/50 chance this will backfire, and you’ll wind up with even more conditioner in your hand. Even if it does work, you’ll probably get conditioner all over the lid of the bottle. So you wipe it off the bottle, still have too much conditioner, give up, and plunk it on your head.

Rinse. Repeat.


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