Long Car-ride Games: a New Challenge

Did you forget that people can see through the windows?
Long drives demand new games!

Tired of the same-old games for long car rides? Bored with punch-buggies or going through the alphabet with road signs? Well, why not try to see how many drivers you can see picking their noses?

I was going to say texting (don’t text and drive!), but I see this way too often – more often that I want to because, really, who wants to see that? It’s like people forget that other people can see through their windows. I’ve also seen people sticking their fingers in their ears, eating with a spoon, playing instruments, and changing clothes. Honestly, you could make a list of weird things and check off who sees other drivers doing that. Road bingo.

Anyone else have any good stories about weird things you’ve seen people do while driving?


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