Clean Home, Sound Emotions

Ready or not, clean I must!
Ready or not, clean I must!

I need to clean. And I mean need. It’s not only that the rooms are messy. I mean, they are, but that’s not why cleaning is so urgent. The problem is that when my home is messy, my depression and anxiety get worse.

I’m not really sure why. I think I get overwhelmed. I look at the mess and don’t want to do anything. And then I get down on myself for the mess. And for not doing stuff. So I feel bad and don’t clean. Which makes me not want to do stuff. It builds in layers and then cycles again and again.

When the place is clean and looking good, I feel good. I feel proud and happy – I’m keeping a nice house like I’m supposed to do. I’m taking care of my belongings like a real adult. It gives me energy and makes me more productive.

All the more reason to do it, right?


4 thoughts on “Clean Home, Sound Emotions

  1. I totally agree with you.

    I live in a single room apartment. It is not much of a hassle to clean it. When my spirits are up and about there is hope for a tomorrow when I could clean if not today.

    But when I get depressed (I have cylothemia so it is a continous on and off process)
    I tend to beat myself up for being neglejent and careless.

    The amount of work to be done over whelmes my need to do it.

    So now I have planned my cleaning days on days when I am high spirited so that when I hit low I have no potential triggers, and I somewhat feel content.

    Keep at it! All the best! 🙂


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