I’d Rather Live Than Live Vicariously

There’s this idea that people like to live vicariously through others, but I’m not so sure. It may take a specific kind of personality. See, for me (and most people I know), trying to live vicariously through others has a predictable process.

  1. Hear how interesting or amazing their life is.
  2. Get excited imagining that as my life.
  3. Compare it to my life
  4. Get depressed that my life isn’t like that (and won’t be)

Reality has to come back at some point, right? Well, the better I’m imagining my life to be, the worse the crash is when I come back down. Especially if it’s something I really want and am insecure about.

Technically, I guess that’s the real problem. If it’s something I think I could have, then it’s not so bad. It might even be inspiring and make me want to work harder to get it. It’s the stuff my insecurities tell me I can’t have. That’s when it’s a problem.

I suppose living vicariously through others is for confident people. Or people with fewer issues. Personally, I’ll pass.


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