The Ideal Dress Code

I don’t work from home (besides this blog-thing), but I think that if I did, the best part would be not having to get dressed for work. I could loll around in my pajamas or my workout clothes and not have to worry about dress codes and facing people.

Better yet, I could sit around in my underwear and work.

Any of you who think that women don’t do that don’t know the right women. On a hot, stuffy day, I’m not enduring a shirt in my own home (where no one can see) just because I’m a girl. When I’m home alone, clothing is optional. Even when I get home from work, clothing is optional. At home, I don’t have to dress to please anyone but me, so I go with comfort all the way – and I don’t see any problem with that.

Well, besides remembering to close the blinds and not answer the door.


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