No One Likes a Sore Driver

It’s always strange when I exercise and somehow manage to hit a muscle group that I wasn’t trying to – usually muscles that I never realized I had. You know how you’re suddenly sore somewhere you didn’t know could get sore? And no matter what location gets sore, it inevitably makes some everyday activity really hard or painful. Like walking, sitting, or reaching for something.

Well, for the first time, I managed to hit an area that made it hard to drive. Just in time for the weekend. Woohoo! Pushing down on the pedal makes the sore muscles scream. Releasing the pedal makes the leg twitch and not want to work right. Basically, the whole time I’m driving, the muscles are saying no. It’s not the most fun I’ve ever had, and it’s kind of dangerous (ok, not kind of). It probably looks like someone learning to drive a stick-shift. And I own an automatic.

I guess I’m staying in this weekend.


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