I Bet $1 Billion That You’re Wrong, And I Don’t Bet Money I Don’t Have Unless I Know I’ll Win

The next time someone tells me that women don’t masturbate, I have a couple of facts I want to lay out for the person. After I finish laughing, I want to remind them that

  1. 50% of paperbacks sold are romance novels, and 6.4 million Americans read at least 1 romance novel a year. Many (myself included) read more than that. Oh, and only 22% of those millions are male.
  2. The vibrator market brings in a whopping $1 billion a year. Can you even keep a straight face and tell me that those sales are made to a small percentage of the population, mostly made to males, or only used with intercourse?

Anyone who thinks that women (as a whole) do not like sex or don’t masturbate is seriously misled. The whole 50 shades mania should be evidence enough of that. Women are more like guys than they get credit for – some are sex maniacs, some like it but don’t focus on it constantly, and some aren’t really interested.

But, please, tell me again. I can always use a good laugh – and $1 billion.


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