I’ll Sleep to That!

I keep planning to go to bed on time and not succeeding. I have a couple of hours after I get home from work – too much time to only relax and not quite enough time to get a whole lot done. So what do I do? I start working on something (like a blog article), get involved, and look up at the clock to realize that it’s an hour or more after I planned on being in bed.

Sigh. That wouldn’t be so bad if I could sleep in an hour. If I want to get anything done before I go to work (you know, like breakfast and exercise), then, I can’t. That means I get more and more tired as the week goes on.

I tell myself I’ll sleep in on the weekend and catch up. Yeah right. I wake up at the same time on Saturday whether I want to or not. Then, I end up staying up even later because I’m doing fun things or (guess what) working some more.

I mentioned it to may parents, and they said, “Welcome to being an adult.”

That’s when I realized – adults don’t have memory problems. They have a chronic lack of sleep. Everyone knows if you don’t sleep, your memory goes to crap. Well, there you go. Maybe, we should stop pushing ourselves into such impossible schedules and get some actual sleep.

I’m going to. As soon as I figure out how.


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