Driving in Circles

An old man honked at me yesterday. At least, I think he honked at me. I was pulling up to the end of a parking lot aisle (where it meets the road part), and he was crossing in front of me. I was barely moving, and it was pretty clear that I was stopping.

So, basically, he honked, and I’m not sure why.

That sort of thing throws me off. I’m left wondering did he think I wasn’t going to stop? Was he really honking at somebody else? Is my headlight out? What’s going on?

Instead of shrugging and forgetting about it, I worry it in circles. And heaven forbid I get the impression that he thought I was doing something wrong. Then, my brain gets defensive. Even now it’s going, “I didn’t do anything wrong – I promise!”

Sigh. Welcome to anxiety and driving.


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