Misery Loves Company?

Why is it that dating/married people spend all their time complaining to you about their significant others but immediately start trying to fix you up when they find out you’re single?

I swear, my coworker only had bad things to say about her husband. He did this wrong. Or that wrong. He’s always getting on her last nerve. Then, it comes up one day that I’m not dating anyone. She immediately starts trying to set me up with people. Oh, that guy who comes in every day is really cute, and he wasn’t wearing a ring. Her nephew is very nice and successful. Should she give him a call?

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened. Both men and women do it – about marriage and kids. Get a group together, and couples start sharing what’s wrong with their marriages. And all the horrific things their kids have done. Then, they all turn to the single people. When are you getting married and having kids? Oh, as soon as I can. I mean, you made it sound so appealing.

Are you kidding me?


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