If You Want to SEE What Anxiety Is Like, These Two Projects Show It

So I’ve mentioned anxiety a couple of times lately (probably because I have several varieties that I struggle with). For those of you who haven’t had personal experience with anxiety, here are two amazing visual aide options that might give you a new perspective.

First, John William Keedy’s pictures visually describe what living with anxiety can be like. His photo series, “It’s Hardly Noticeable,”  really emphasizes how controlling and irrational an anxiety disorder is. Most people see the resulting behavior and react like the person is weird and making a big deal out of something little. What they don’t see is that this person isn’t choosing to behave that way. Even if you know it’s not rational, that doesn’t mean you can stop the horrible feeling you get if you don’t do what the anxiety is telling you to do.

Some of the photos are more obvious. Others make you look harder. All of them communicate how an anxiety disorder can take control of your life. Believe me, it’s worth seeing.

The second image series is more humorous. BuzzFeed’s Ann Borges has come up with a fantastic illustration of problems that come with anxiety (especially social anxiety), and she did it in the form of greeting cards. Her series, “13 Cards Your Anxious Friends Would Seriously Appreciate,” manages to be funny while still nailing what having anxiety is like. It’s in the form of reassurances, apologies, and IOUs – honestly, if I could buy these cards right now, I would.

Maybe, there are better visual aides for understanding anxiety. So far, these are the best I’ve seen. If you know of any others, please share!


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