Ads Need to Stop Lying to People

I am sick and tired of ads that claim overnight results. Lose that belly fat in 10 easy steps! The trick to getting rich quick! The fast track to beating depression!

Excuse my french, but that’s all bullshit.

The only thing with results that fast is hair dye or nail polish. Telling us that we can do anything big that quickly or easily is a lie. Worse, it’s a lie that tells us that it’s our fault when we fail. It’s something wrong with us when we think it’s hard.


It was always hard. It always will be hard. And those lies make it even harder. When you expect something to be easy, you start thinking you failed from the first moment it turns out to be hard. You’re not prepared for that. Oh, and it’s supposed to be fast. So the second you go past the ridiculous and impossible timeline they gave you, you already failed.

Why bother to keep going?

Career success, weight-loss, fixing emotional problems, making relationships work (just about anything important in life) – I’m sorry, but there is no fast way. There is no easy way. Anyone who claims different is lying to sell you something. I don’t care if you call it sales or marketing, that’s a lie. The only overnight change that’s going to happen is money going from your account to theirs.

If you want to make any of those changes easier, stop expecting them to be fast or easy. Accept that they’re hard, and plan for the long-term. Don’t believe the lies.


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