Soundtrack Snafu

I work at a desk in a cubicle. We’re allowed to play music as long as we wear headphones. A lot of the time, it’s a good thing I’m wearing headphones. I don’t always listen to stuff that’s safe for work.

The other day, I felt like I needed a boost, so I put on a reggae playlist on Pandora (It’s bouncy and fun). Right as an argument started next to me, it switched to Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” Watching them fight and argue while mostly hearing that song? I gotta admit it was kind of hysterical. Like watching a movie with the wrong soundtrack.

I totally want to see some film student do that. I know horror films have used happy songs before to make a scene even sicker. But that’s not what I mean. No, I want to see a chick flick set to heavy metal. Or a Disney movie with a horror movie soundtrack – like creepy children’s choir. Something that totally doesn’t match what’s going on.

I think my mind would explode.


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