Why Get Mad at the Women He Hits on?

This is something I seriously do not (cannot) understand. Your boyfriend, fiancé, husband (whatever) hits on another woman. More than flirts – propositions.

With a stranger. A friend of yours. A relative.

If the woman is close to you, she might try to tell you (especially if you’re about to marry the guy). She’s trying to warn you that your guy is trying to cheat on you.

So you get mad at her????

I’ve heard of so many women who rip apart their friend or relative – you slut! You’re trying to steal my man from me? You stay away from him!


He’s the one cheating. Unless you know this woman to be a total manipulator obsessed with getting guys, why would you assume she’s a slut out to “get your man” if all she’s doing is telling you he hit on her?

I would understand shock. I get disbelief or wanting to check or not being sure if he claims something different happened. Yes, you trust your friend/family. You also have to trust the guy you’re dating at least a little or why date him?

So I get it if you don’t believe it the first time it happens. I really get it if you have it in the back of your mind and pay extra attention to see if it’s true or not. I do not get blaming it on the woman when he was the instigator, and she’s trying to be a good friend.

Do you really think of women as sluts and man-stealers? If you can’t trust your friends around your date, they’re not really friends. If they’re really friends, why would you blame them?

Why would a guy who cheats on you be more important than your friends?


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