Extreme Moderation

This article, Exercise, Depression, and Why It’s OK to Listen to Your Body, reminded me of one of the reasons why working through depression, anxiety, weight issues, and any other problem is so hard – extremes don’t work. In fact, things get worse when I try an extreme diet or try to fix my mental problems in one big rush.

That’s why the article about listening to your body and letting yourself rest makes so much sense. Take baby steps. Don’t try to rush. Yes, I may have to force myself to do things, but there are limits. I know when staying in bed is going to send me spiraling down and when it’s only about an extra hour of sleep.

My subconscious knows. My body knows. If I would slow down and stop rushing around for a minute, maybe I could hear them.


One thought on “Extreme Moderation

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m sorry you can relate to my blog, but it’s always nice finding out your not alone. Finding health is difficult enough. Finding it while fighting a mental illness makes it even more difficult. Keep on fighting. We’ve got this!


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