Fit of Fashion

I have always preferred retro styles, and I never really thought about why. What is so much more appealing about styles from say the 1940s and 1950s compared to today?

After reading The Changing World of Beauty by MissLadyLem, I’m beginning to think that the reason I like those styles better is that they’re actually made to fit real women. And look good on them!

So many of the popular styles today barely look good on supermodels – and that’s only because the model is super-gorgeous and skinny and tall. The clothing isn’t making the model look good, the model is making the clothing look good. On any other female body type, they look like crap. Who thought jeans for women without room for a butt was smart? And skirts that poof and get tucked under? Who wants their hips and butt to look even bigger? (0.01% of women raise their hands)

I want clothing that flatters the person wearing it. And, I know it’s asking for a lot, but I want clothing that is comfortable. Retro fashion is the closest I’ve come, and that’s probably because it was designed for women with curves. Because (surprise!) the majority of women have curves of some kind.

So here’s a challenge for designers: design for how women actually are rather than how you want them to be.


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