I Miss College – Kinda

I kind of miss college. Not the classes so much. I mean, I like learning, but all the papers and make-work got old. So did having to share a dorm room and a hall shower. Ok, I guess I guess I don’t miss college. What I really miss is having a really convenient way to meet new people. Especially guys.

Sorry, but let’s be honest. If you have a couple good friends (and I do), then finding someone to date is a higher priority than finding someone to hang out with. I have had zero luck running into guys in any of the places I hang out, and I am seriously doubtful about dating sites. Every way I’ve tried has ended up a magnet for creepers.

It was so much easier to go to class or a party and see somebody cute. Some small talk, an introduction – no pressure. Now that I’m out and on my own, the whole thing’s more complicated. Ugh. What gives?


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