Depression: Fight On

Depression is that voice in your head that tells you that you’re stupid. It tells you that you’re completely untalented. It tells you that you’re ugly and no one will ever want you. It tells you that you’re worthless, and it tells you that everyone else agrees with it.

If depression was a person, it’d be the class bully or an arrogant, unfeeling asshole.

The problem is that depression isn’t a quiet voice in your head. It’s a loud, demanding voice that likes to drown out any argument against it, and it has control of your emotion levers (anyone else like Inside Out?). It’s an extremely difficult voice to ignore, and, unfortunately, it is an extremely easy voice to believe.

Learning to deal with it or change it is even more difficult. And it takes great strength and determination to keep trying when that voice is telling you that your effort is pointless and that someone like you could never have value, so why bother?

Fight that voice. Please. Take medication and go to counseling. Change your habits. Talk to friends. Take a step at a time even when it seems like you can’t lift your foot or even get out of bed in the morning. Tell yourself that depression is lying over and over again until you believe it even a little.

Don’t let the lies take away the activities and the people that you love. And don’t let it take you from them. Please.


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